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S.NoApproval NoName and Contact DetailsScope Of ApprovalDate Of Approval / Renewal (dd/mm/yyyy)Date Of Expiry (dd/mm/yyyy)
1 03/1/EP/03 M/s. Ovobel Foods Limited.  Lab Address

KIADB Industrial Area,
Malur ,
Kolar Distt.-563130
080-25263735/ 25294319
a). Pasteurized Spray Dried Egg Powder/Pasteurized frozen egg liquids(with or without additives) 17/10/2018 18/10/2020
2 1/01/EP/17 M/s VAV LIPID PVT. LTD Lab Address

Plot No.C-76,
Mirjole Industrial Area,
Ratanagiri - 415639 (E-mail - ,,

Regd Office :

51/B Mittal Court ,
224 Nariman Point Mumbai - 400021 Maharashtra


Egg Phospholipids, Egg Protein & Egg Oil 13/11/2017 12/11/2019
3 5/01/EP/97 M/s Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. Lab Address

Veljerla 1,
Farooq Nagar Mandal,
P.B No. -2 ,
Shadnagar Mahaboobnagar Dist.- 509216 Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh-

Plant :

venkateshwara House", - 3-5-808,
Hyderguda ,
hydrabad - 500029


1. Pasteurised Spary Dried Hen whole Egg Powder. 2. Pasteurised Spary Dried Hen egg yolk powder. 3.Desugared Spary Dried Hen egg albumen powder. 4. Desugared Pasteurized spray Dried Hen whole egg powder. 5. Pasteurised Spray dried Heat Stable hen egg yolk powder. 6. Pasteurised Spray dried Heat Stable hen whole egg powder. 7. Pasteurised Spray dried sugared hen whole egg powder. 15/10/2018 22/10/2020
4 5/02/EP/97 M/s SKM Egg Products Export (India) Ltd. Lab Address

20th Km,

Tamil Nadu-

Regd Office :

Chennimalai Road Erode - 638001.


1. Pasteurized Spray Dried Hen Whole Egg Powder and its Variants 2. Spray Dried Hen Egg Albumen Powder and its variants 3. Pasteurized Spray Dried Hen Egg Yolk Powder and its varients 4.Pasteurized Spray Dried Blended Hen Egg Powder perparations with milk derivatives,salt, sugar etc, as Ingredients. 5. Mayonnaise Mix: Pasteurzed spray Dried Blended Hen Yolk Powder preparations with ingredients of starch and Gums. 6. Pasteurized Egg Yolk Liquid & Whole Egg Liquid with or without sugar & salt 02/01/2017 31/12/2018
5 5/03/EP/11 M/s. Eggway International Asia Pvt, Ltd. Lab Address

Aspallyguda (V),
Shabad (M),
R. R.(D).509217 Telangana
Andhra Pradesh-
1.Pasteurized spray dried Hen Whole egg powder. 2.Desugared Pasteurized spray dried Hen Whole egg powder. 3.Pasteurized spray dried Hen Egg Yolk powder. 4.Desugared spray dried Hen Egg Albumen powder. 5. Pasteurized spray dried sugared whole egg powder 6.Pasteurized liquid/ frozen Hen Whole Egg 7.Pasteurized liquid/ frozen Hen Egg Yolk 8. Pasteurized liquid/ frozen Hen Egg albumen 9. Pasteurized liquid/ frozen salted Hen Egg Yolk 10.Heat Stable Egg Yolk powder , 11.Heat Stable Egg Yolk powder co dried with Maltodextrin or Glucose syrup & Salt 12. Whole egg powder with Maltodextrin 13.Egg Yolk powder free flow 14.Heat Stable egg yolk powder free flow 14. Pasteurized liquid/ frozen sugared Hen Egg Yolk 16. Heat Stable Whole Egg powder 17. Whole egg powder ( ELP) 18.Egg Yolk powder(YLP) 31/10/2017 20/10/2019

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